Tall Tales in Music Mythology

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Sick Gaines, Bro/A Death in the Fab Four


Randy wonders why Garth Brooks ever thought the Chris Gaines persona was a good idea, and Jon looks into whether a lookalike replace Paul McCartney.

Rollercoaster of… Murder?/His Name is Robert Johnson


Randy relays a firsthand account about the myth of a murder recorded on an Ohio Players hit song, and Jon looks at whether Robert Johnson actually sold his soul to the devil.

Sue-sie Q/I Saw Elvis in the FBI


Randy talks about the time John Fogerty got sued for sounding too much like himself, and Jon queries whether Elvis actually was a narc.

Peggy Sue Got Married, Buddy Holly Got Cursed/The Nuge Vs. The Black Box/When Evansvillians Cry


Randy talks about the supposed hex on Buddy Holly, Jon tells a short story about an encounter between Ted Nugent and Eddie Van Halen, and guest Jason Burton recounts The Purple One's visit to Evansville.